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Candidate Testimonial

We were delighted to receive this testimonial from a candidate based in France who was recruited by one of our clients recently

“I just wanted to give you special congratulations for the excellent job.

We were introduced by a mutual friend as I was searching for a new job.  Since then you researched different positions and companies for me. 

It has been great, and I really enjoyed and appreciated the collaboration. You are a great professional, with lots of patience and talent. 

You perfectly understand the candidates in regards the possible job role.  The way you work is simple, clear, and very well focused.

I have faced lots of Headhunters over 2 years and hadn’t succeeded in finding a new job according to my expectations and to my skills. 

This is done now, and I really wanted to thank you very very much for this excellent job. 

Meantime we are living with the CORONAVIRUS, it was, and it has been very tough to find a job, to apply for it, and to get it. 

Finally, it is done. We succeeded together, thank you very much”.

HP (August 2020)

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