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Apprenticeships and Graduate Programmes – Inkjet Industry

Inkjet Graduate Programme

A career within the Inkjet industry may not be at the top of any young person’s wish list, but it is one that should be considered and here is why:

  • A Global and Mature Market – the inkjet industry is world-wide and well established, thereby giving more job and career opportunities.
  • Launch pad – for those starting their careers, working within the inkjet industry can provide valuable work experience and knowledge that could help carve a path for future, even in other industries.
  • Choice – the inkjet industry provides opportunities for those interested in a career in many roles from technical, management, creative and support functions, for example.
    • Chemists
    • Engineering
    • Sales
    • HR
    • Marketing
    • …and many more
  • Type of Business – innovation is key within the inkjet industry, there are established organisations i.e., HP, start-up business and opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Graduates leaving university at the end of their programme, or for those who took a gap year during the pandemic period and are unable to return to full-time education. An entry-level graduate programme may be the solution.

Around 73% of graduates are employed in professional roles and in 2017 there were 34m graduates in the UK, an increase from 24% in the previous 15 years. *

Dorinda Gibbons, MD at Profile Recruitment commented “For those young people considering university soon, remember that it isn’t just important to look at which university you would like to go to, or what grades you need, but consider what would make you a valuable employee in the future? Being involved with extracurricular work, volunteering, part-time jobs, what languages you speak can set you apart from other graduates and can help you with your future career”.


The pandemic has changed the plans for many young people and University may not now be an option or for those who were considering a career in an industry heavily affected by the pandemic, another route may be needed. An apprenticeship may be the option.

The Inkjet Academy

Profile Recruitment Inkjet Academy

Working in conjunction with Sheffield University, Profile Recruitment have launched the Academy for Inkjet.

This venture has been set up to meet the growing need for graduates to join the Inkjet industry and become the future. There is a continuing need for new talent and ideas within the market.

Final year Academy students will work with businesses on specific projects, for example, electrical, mechanical, mechatronic and chemistry.
This gives students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and work experience and for businesses, they are to test and test and trial new initiatives that could yield new market areas and new technologies.

Employer Incentives

Aside from the benefits of bringing and nurturing fresh talent into their businesses, the UK Government launched their Kick Start programme in September 2020 to incentivise organisations to employ young people between 16 and 24 years of age.

For more information, or to discuss a Graduate Programme, Apprenticeships or the Inkjet Academy contact us on 0333 241 2338

*source – Mark in Style

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